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Arts Council for Monterey County

The Mission of The Arts Council for Monterey County is to improve the quality of life for everyone in our region through the arts….

Bertinchamps Original Logo Black


Bertinchamps is a new craft and family owned brewery from Belgium freshly imported in the US. The brewery’s mission is to produce craft ales…

Sand City LOGOn

Sand City Arts Committee

As members of the Sand City Art Committee, we envision that through our combined efforts we will be able to engage people from all walks…


Linda Arceo

            Linda is an accomplished, self-taught singer, songwriter, and acoustic rhythm guitarist. To date, she has recorded and distributed 6 CDs,…

CArrie Earings

Fringe By Carrie

“A Wisconsin native, born at the end of the ‘70s, Carrie Beth McWithey happily found herself surrounded by little else than nature and the…

Anima PIcture

Anima California

Life thrives in accordance with our awe… As we reconnect and continue to reinhabit our home here on Earth with greater understanding, care and…

BiG SuRCuS PIcture


We are honored to host the BiG SuRCuS for a ritual for Big Sur. In Rosalia’s own words ” As you know, one of…


Heather Suzanne

  Materials Expect luxurious, sustainable materials, organic cotton and cashmere blends. French and vintage lace. Raw cut gemstones, hand-knotted on silk. Some pieces (organic cotton hoodies and…