“My passion of art stems from my main love, music. My sister and I would submerge ourselves into the music and the art just followed. These doodles, turned into sketches, the sketches eventually turned into paintings. I was never interested in taking an art class and never really considered myself an “arteest”, I just simply painted for the love of music and art.

But one extraordinary day changed the course of my life and soon after, my art was inadvertently hanging in Sacramento galleries. A seed was now planted in my head, and for years I continued to go to school and work to support myself with the lingering desire to paint full time. Working to pay bills wasn’t conducive to being an artist, so I cut out what wasn’t serving me. Over four years ago, I dove right into the art world, head first. I gave up my apartment, keys, credit cards and even my phone. My focus was to create art without the idea to create art for money. The support and encouragement I received from my friends and this amazing community led me down this path as well. Once I let go of the constraints of creating art for a “price”, and simply followed my creative desires, everything began to fall into place. My art brought me food, housing, and world travels, among so many other rich life experiences. This direct relationship has brought me to where I am today.

Painting and creating art is my way to connect and contribute to our society. I enjoy what art does for people. My goal is to create art that moves and inspires others. I want to give back to our beautiful community by painting murals in different parts of Monterey County.”

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