Anima California


ANIMA LABEL no diatom

Life thrives in accordance with our awe…

As we reconnect and continue to reinhabit our home here on Earth with greater understanding, care and foresight, there awaits a limitless joy that comes as we stop, look around, and choose to see and know the beauty and diversity of life we still share it with.
That we are living our planet’s sixth mass extinction should inspire and renew our sense of wonder, respect and affection for the flora and fauna that has evolved here over 66 million years, since the last.
Anima translates from Latin as simply that which lives and breathes.  Anima aims to celebrate the wildlife we live with here in California and the Pacific Coast. These 21st century animal prints, digitally printed on organic cotton and silk, and crafted locally, support YOUR wild life, while becoming an expression of a more intimate relationship to place, and a reverence for biodiversity.
As Jacques Cousteau said: “People protect what they love.” Conservation begins with connection. Go feed your awe!
When I moved to California four years ago, I immediately fell in love with giant kelp – so much so that I wanted to wear it! That said, Anima has been a long time coming… I have been photographing patterns in nature since I first held camera… both at the macro scale, and also from the bird’s eye view that I enjoyed as an aerial photographer. I learned the art of loving observation from my mother, and sharing these prints widely is a way for me to honor her lessons and her life. Anima, as interpretive fashion, is also an extension of my work as an ecological designer.  At Rana Creek, I enjoy practicing innovative landscape architecture that is informed by the science of ecology, and rooted in the principles of beauty, sustainability, biodiversity and resilience.  As stated by bryologist Robin Wall Kimmerer, “To be native to a place, we must learn to speak its language.” My work, whether through placemaking or pattern design, is to rekindle curiosity for these hidden languages, and to promote a greater ecoliteracy that is so essential to our responsible and joyful belonging.
– Jessica Neafsey, founder of Anima California –