Bertinchamps Original Logo Black

Bertinchamps is a new craft and family owned brewery from Belgium freshly imported in the US.
The brewery’s mission is to produce craft ales in the purest Belgian tradition, allying the talent and experience of owner and master brewer Benoit Humblet and the most advanced technology. The 700 year old Bertinchamps farm near Gembloux, Belgium is located in a pristine environment and surrounded by grain fields. The renovation project started in 2011 and today Bertinchamps offers 3 different type of ales: Blonde, Triple and Brown. All three strictly made with locally grown barley and hops.

The entire family is involved in this life-changing adventure, creating and developing quality Belgian ales while rehabilitating a piece of the Belgian heritage. “Authenticity, Responsibility and Generosity”

Madeleine Wines is proud to be the importer and distributor of Bertinchamps in the United States.

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