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We are honored to host the BiG SuRCuS for a ritual for Big Sur.

In Rosalia’s own words

” As you know, one of our own has been kissed by Kali, and we say: BiG SuRCuS loves and supports the entire Big Sur family, as always; we are here for you, with a hug, a prayer, involvement in the rebirth, we just wrap our dancing arms around you, we thank you for being brave, for living deep in the woods, for having animals and farms and families that exist in the natural world, that you Stand fierce and say, this is my home! We are so proud of you for carving out a niche in the wild west, no one said it would be easy, but we say your heart will never be more full, your love more true, your friends more family than blood, the reward is richness of spirit and soul, you are rewarded, you are grace and love, you are our family Big Sur, with your elements and unpredictable passion, we are strong, we are your people. Ho-“

The ceremony created by BiG SuRCuS will close our TIMELESS performance. Conceived and choreographed by Rosalia Webster and Jessica Cooper, we will join together with them to mourn and celebrate this rite of passing, this transition of our history in to a wide open space of “the future”.

THANK YOU, BiG SuRCuS, for bringing the hard and the soft so tenderly together.