“The journey of growing up and being a grown up are inextricably linked. As I evolve as an artist, my work continues to reveal the truth about who I am and how I came to be: an artist, a stepmother, a community builder, and an entrepreneur. Making art is an amazing connection to our inner selves, which I believe is essential to wellness. My visual art explores the opposing forces between self and other, nature and nurture, light and dark. “Relationship” is a core factor in my imagery and installations, as it is also in my entrepreneurial pursuits.
Relationship fulfills our need for connection. I believe that in order for art-making to be sustainable through out our lives, creative adults need access not only to a dedicated workspace, but also to an inspiring community of creative souls. Having moved from Minneapolis to Monterey 12 years ago, a massive void was evident my art world: no quality studio where I could expand my work, or a supportive community that embraced conceptual or innovative art-making. In 2013, I launched Open Ground Studios with hope of filling that void. Located in Seaside, OGS has over 2000 SF of shared workspace for all types of visual arts from printmaking to book arts, painting, drawing and mixed media.

I am passionate about connecting in community, expanding capacity to make meaningful art and building a sustainable, beautiful workspace for the advancement of creative practice on the Monterey Peninsula.”


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