Ericka Engelman


Ericka Engelman is a locally well known and loved designer/creatrix who has spent her life on the Monterey/Baha Peninsula.

Raised by parents with the ” zero waste” ethic that was integral to a 1960’s ” back to the earth” philosophy, Ericka continued this mandate forward, to create for herself a business that was part “theatrical staging” and part ” bridal tailoring” that would ultimately create for many women, the day of their dreams. Little did they know that by meeting this multi faceted artist/wedding gown designer, that they would find the magician to put all their tiny desires in order.

Ericka Engelman maintains an idyllic sewing studio overlooking the Salinas Valley, and spends her days tailoring wedding gowns to fit every dream and curve that the Bride can manifest. Her ultimate goal is to create a feeling of softness and luxury within every fold of the fabric, be it upcycled, upholstory, or Uptown Funk.

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Delve in to her luxurious embrace, and revel in being yourself.