How It Works

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“Community Palette is a not for profit organization that advocates for local economic, social and cultural sustainability. Based on the concept of supporting and showcasing creative ideas from the grassroots of our vibrant Monterey Bay community.  Community Palette events highlight an array of selected artists/entrepreneurs/ideas in different categories, giving them the opportunity to share their passion with an audience of their peers. At the end of the night, a vote is held and the community  selected artist receives all of the money raised in order to help them meet their growth goals”

Below, find the concepts, ideals, and dreams that inspired Community Palette to be born:


Photo by: Moss Media

Creating New Options: Community Palette is responding to gaps in the local economy on the Monterey Peninsula.

The peninsula is full of artistic, intelligent, and creative people with much to offer, and yet, it can be difficult for the interested consumer to find these very people.

Resources in our area are plentiful. Yet, unless creative ideas are born into existing funding and support, they remain dormant and out of reach…waiting to materialize.

Small businesses are unfortunately in  competition with large chains that pocket the majority of our local retail spending, through both of the gaps described above.

CP would like to see the community come together to not only raise money for local startups or small growth goals, but also to be involved in the choice of which businesses we want to encourage.

The first steps toward large goals are always the greatest. The risk is intimidating. Consumers see barriers of expense and inconvenience regarding local businesses. Artists and entrepreneurs often have limited resources. The purpose of Community Palette is to pull together events, communities, resources, marketing, social networks, skills, and products to work for and in support of each other. Our activities are designed to absorb some of the preliminary business risk straining local artists and to help support people offering new ideas and goals. CP would like to take the “I” out of business and social models and infuse the idea that we all need to support each other to be successful. This is an effort and this is a choice.

CP can help minimize the initial financial barrier between good products and ideas and local exposure. CP would like to see the community involved in the selection of who receives funding and support. We are linking local artists who share this vision.

Community Action:

“CP Showcase Events” are events where community-selected artists, creators, and entrepreneurs are invited to participate in a fundraiser. The goal is to bolster local economic development with a focus on the arts, while supporting local, sustainably sourced services and products.  Every penny we raise at the door goes to towards supporting these artists. The more money we raise at the door the further we can launch one or more of these artists into their passionate work. And they are given a broader opportunity to inspire us (to perhaps dive deeper into our own inspirations)….

The community is encourage to promote sustainable goods, services and ideas through the Community Palette Facebook Page 

Community nominated persons or entity may then fill out an entry/application form which will be available when venue and events are secured for the next show. Applications are to be review by the board. Participants for the CP events are selected/invited by the board members and will be featured on our web page and promoted through all possible media outlets until the event.


Photo by: Moss Media

In accepting the nominated invitation to the event, the “artist” automatically becomes a candidate for the “main fund.” The main fund will enable an artist to further their business, ideas and goals. The artist’s only obligation is to set up a physical space at the Palette Event in a way that best promotes their goals and products/services. The web presence, along with its links (e.g., on other company websites, go fund me, kick starter) and social media (e.g., Meetup, Facebook, Linked-In) provide important exposure. The artists are given an opportunity to promote and sell products/services through the event and links within the website; they have a choice to keep all profits or give a percentage of the profits back to the “main fund”.

The “main fund” is built from donations at the door as well as through silent auctions, raffles, food sales, corporate and private sponsors, grants, and other small fundraisers hosted by Community Palette during the event or over the course of the year. During the Palette Event, the “main fund” is given to the artist nominated by the community through a live vote. Selected “artists” may turn down the funds, at which point the funds would go to next largest number of votes.

Local economic sustainability and responsible growth is a large and enduring goal. In it’s small way, Community Palette hopes to raise funds (for the artists) while exposing different inventors, artists and entrepreneurs (people we call “artists”) within the communities of people that we know, love and believe in. The community of people weighing in at the events or through social media selects the recipient to whom all proceeds will be given at the end of each year of fundraising.

The winning person/business is invited to consider giving funds back to the Community Palette if, and when it would seem appropriate. These funds will be recycled to support more activities or projects. There would be no risk or obligation…other than their own virtue, pending on the success of expanding their business.