Jill Parkinson- Little Red Hen Gluten Free Baking Co

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“Gluten Free baking is a huge passion of mine. I started down the path of cooking Gluten Free when my twin daughters were diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2008. My son was diagnosed shortly after as well. Having 3 children with Celiac Disease, and an allergy to wheat turned our lives upside down. When I started the journey of what living Gluten Free really meant I learned that Celiac Disease actually ran in our family. Luckily I had a sister that taught me how to read ingredient labels. I quickly learned that Birthday parties, school functions, and everything in between was going to be a challenge. Trying to find edible, delicious Gluten¬†Free foods in the store proved even more of a challenge. I have worked for years perfecting my flour blends, and after much trial and error I have figured out how to make Gluten Free taste good! I raise chickens and prefer to use the eggs for my baking. I also utilize as many Organic ingredients that I can…”



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