Lena Max- Green Building Photography

lena Max

Quail abstract W“My passion is art, the beauty in humankind, our place in the world and environmental sustainability. I don’t think I can separate these things. With so much focus in the media on what is wrong with the world, I’ve decided to put my focus on what is right. By doing so, I hope to encourage the desire to participate in those who view my work. If nothing else, I hope to make the viewer smile a little, to make them feel the emotion of the work. I’ve been primarily a portrait and wedding photographer, and I love that. However, there has always been an environmental side of my business, and I am a LEED GA. To that end, I’ve been photographing green buildings and plan to do more of that. There is an art to building that people never see. I will be showcasing some of this architectural art in my booth if I am selected. Sustainability can and should be beautiful. This year I intend to grow further by bringing the architectural green building photography and art into the mainstream. I will also further develop my wedding business. We have a beautiful environment here, and people come from all over the world just to look at it. That includes destination weddings. I think we should have local photographers doing this work whenever possible. We have some of the best here, and I work everyday to become one of them. There is the possibility for great change in the world through photography and art.”



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