Spector Dance


The SpectorDance mission is to establish a vibrant center for the performing arts offering a wide variety of dance-based activities that connects diverse artists and audiences, bridges disciplines through collaboration, and celebrates the power of dance to inform and inspire.  The SpectorDance vision is to utilize dance and the arts as a vehicle to open doors, ignite creativity, and fuel the human spirit.  The SpectorDance School is the “heart and soul” of our organization. We provide training for all ages and levels of experience in a variety of dance styles in a nurturing environment. Along with building dance skills, our training strives to build important life skills such as commitment, discipline, and respect for others. The SpectorDance Company has presented multidisciplinary performances using a signature style that blends music, spoken word, and visual media Canada Goose Outlet Parka with dance. Fran Spector Atkins, the lead artist and creative director, and William Roden, a nationally recognized media artist, together create performance works that highlight themes relevant to our community, such as literary masters who lived locally, the environment, and our agricultural heritage.  Past projects include Ocean (a collaboration with the Monterey Bay Research Institute (MBARI)), and Common Ground (a piece about issues in California agriculture based on interviews with farm workers and agricultural experts, with Spanish/English subtitles). Current projects include East West, a collaboration with Rancho Cielo, about gang Online Canada Goose Outlet Sale violence, and the restaging of Figures in the Dust, a collaboration with the National Steinbeck Center, inspired by The Grapes of Wrath.


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