“Timeless” Fashion, 2016 Application guidelines

We are excited to announce that once again, Sand City’s West End Celebration will be hosting the Community Palette Fashion Show.The theme this year will be “ TIMELESS”. The approach remains the same; Upcycled and Local Fashion.

CP celebrates the avant guard fusion of environmental awareness, community, and fashion. We see fashion as a comprehensive art form. With a “no holds barred” approach to wearable art,we encourage inspiration from all mediums. If you believe that your concept can be worn on a human body, we welcome your submission.

Call for Submissions
Deadline: June 01 2016

We seek proposals that incorporate or are inspired by our local artist heritage and the concept of “TIMELESS”:

Design Criteria:

-For UpCycled submissions, nothing may be purchased new

If submitting a collection, it must be in line with CP values

CP values: Collaboration, an appreciation and active empowerment of our local community, a desire to share your passion, environmental cultural responsibility.

10 individual UpCycled pieces will be selected, and up to 4 collections may be shown in “Timeless”.

ALSO If you have ideas to contribute to our pop up set design or want to get involved with VIP packages, we would love to hear from you!

Application Guidelines

Please include a (maximum 500 word) biography detailing your experience with or desire to create wearable art. Please include relevant details of of past experience, exposure to runway shows, relationship to CP/West End, along with your name, address, email, websites and applicable links. Professional and amateur designers are welcome!

1 or more proposed head-to-toe wearable looks, presented visually via sketches, photographs, or vector images, or some other visual medium. A description of the look(s)( maximum 500 words) including the source of your inspiration, how it relates to the Monterey Peninsula, and a list of materials you intend to use. Please remember the criteria for UpCycling: Nothing may be purchased new.

If you are a local designer applying to show a collection, please explain how your business approach is in line with CP Values.

All complete looks must be imaginative, generally wearable,  and well executed.  Women’s & men’s fashions are encouraged. Hair and makeup must also be included as part of the descriptions for each look.

A list of team members, including hair,MUA, and models if available.


using the subject line “Timeless Showcase 2016”. Larger format files can be sent via dropbox. Please contact us by email for any questions.

Event Details

Timeless ShowCase 2016 will take place on Saturday, August 27 with a rehearsal preview nights to be determined. The evening-will consist of several different walks, structured at the discretion of Director, Domini Anne.

CP  will provide a stipend ranging from $50 to $150 for each designer/team selected. Designers are encouraged to co-ordinate with CP for support with production, rehearsals and fabrication tools.

All artists and designers will be credited for their work. CP will have professional photographers before and during the the show to document the showcase and you will have full access to your images. Includes promotion in our program

CP and West End will hire and staff all production details for the runway show including stage production, backstage, photographers, DJ and security…

We are excited to see what inspires you! – please forward and share widely!

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