Vainca Bauman- VonksArt


“My passion is seeking out, finding, and utilizing recycled textiles/fabrics into affordable & comfortable pieces of wearable art. I seek out balance & nature in my life, and transport the effervescence of this harmony into my art. My growth goals are to become more visible in the community and to be able to help promote and sell recycled/repurposed local wearable art. I have a large local following from participating in local shows. I also have a national and international cadre of clients thru my Webstore (Etsy), Facebook Page, Instagram using technology based marketing. I have been represented in some stores locally, and throughout the US. I participate to support local charity by donating my art to their auctions. Thru my work, I promote the value of eco friendly, up cycling, repurposing, reuse and my ability to make it fashionable and thusly sustainable in the community.”

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