West End Upcycled Fashion, 2014

In 2014, Community Palette hosted the inaugural 2014 Eco-Fashion show and UpCycling competition.

Select participants were invited to document their work in collaboration with local photographers.

The finished photos were published in both 65 Degree and Carmel Magazines.


Title: East of Eden

Designer: Miss Velvet Cream

Inspiration: John Steinbeck

Materials: Reclaimed Denim and Salvaged Fabrics

Photographer: Bailey Lee

Hair and Makeup : Gina Marie Davi


Title: Salome

Designer: Beverly Van Pelt

Inspiration: Jourdain Barton

Materials : Rubber Bands, Trash Bags, Pearls

Photographer: Molly Steenson

Hair and Makeup: Beverly Van Pelt

Diana10616 (1)

Title: How do you LOVE me now

Designer: Diana Taylor

Inspiration: Horst Redenbacher

Materials: Various reclaimed items

Photographer: Michelle Magdalena Maddox

Hair and Makeup: Anya Mendez/Adara Salon DSC_0757_pp copyTitle: Aja

Designer: Domini Anne

Inspiration: Hanif Wondir

Materials: Offcut and Prom Dress

Photographer: Bailey Lee

Hair and Makeup: Gina Marie Davi ExposedDressExtended

Title: Exposed

Inspiration: Rachael Short Photography

Designer: Domini Anne

Materials: Failed photographic prints, inner tube rubber, and wedding dress

Photographer: Rachael Short

   jill streched

Title: The Muse
Designer: Frankie Rodriguez and Stephanie Sumler
Inspiration: Edward Weston
Photographer: Manny Espinoza
Materials: Bathtub Chain, UpCycled Clothing
Hair and Makeup: Abel Perez